Our Stylists

Our exceptional quaity of education is what sets Yve's Hair Studio apart from the rest of the hairstyling industry.  All of our stylists have completed 6 to 12 months of rigorous basic training before we allow them behind a chair to service a guest. We continue to refine their skills throughout their careers through multiple mandatory classes every year. Our various levels and pricing are based on the amount of education completed, years on the styling floor and guest satisfaction. This is our commitment to you in an effort to continue to exceed your expectations and stay on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends. 


Our first level stylists are fully licensed by the State of Texas and have completed the Yve's Hair Studio Haircutting and Chemical Skills training program. This rigorous course takes six months to complete and each candidate must pass a written and practical final examination as a demonstration of his or her abilities. These stylist have performed hundreds of services in training. 

Level 1  

Our Level 1 Stylist have performed over 7,000 services and are requested by 50% of all guests. They have received additional education in all Developmental  and Intermediate Skills.

Level 2 

Our Level 2 Stylist have performed 7,000 to 14,000 services and are requested by 65% of all guests. All Level 2 and above attend multiple advanced classes throughout the year. 

Level 3

Our Level 3 Stylists have performed 15,000 to 30,000 services and are requested by 75% of all guests

Level 4 

With even more experience, our Level 4 Stylist have performed over 50,000 services and are requested by 80% of all guests. 

Level 5

Our Level 5 Stylist are our most experienced and highly requested stylist. They have satisfied over 75,000 guests with their artistic ability and professional skills. They have been hand-picked by senior management to be the best of the best!