Yvette Hall

Level 4 Stylist, Salon Owner

Hometown: League city

Education: New York

Specializes in: Color, Color Correction, Men and Women's Haircuts, 

Permanent Make up, Natural Hairstyles, Waxing, Lashes.

It is The MISSION of YVE'S HAIR STUDIO to bring out the beauty within and ethusiast with the service and related products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the right place. Our Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Stylists will help Inspire, Educate and problem solve for our customers.

What inspired me was my Grandmother, she said to me, "What took you so long?"... from a young age i remember that every week i would be at the beauty shop helping around and i also had so many cousins and i would just love doing their hair, every week was a new style in New York!

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Anna Gonzalez

Level 3 Stylist

Hometown: League city

Education: Jackson Beauty School 

Specializes in: Color (Ombres,balayage's), Men and Women's Haircuts

What inspired me: i used to work at k-mart and everyone knew that i liked doing hair if someone needed a haircut i would do it for them for free and my Boss said to me "Anna go get your license!" unfortunalety k-mart closed down and that was my push to do something different but also do  what i been doing my whole i thank my boss because it had never cross mind to do what i love doing now.

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Yariela Lucero

Level 1 Stylist

Hometown: Dickinson TX

Education: Dickinson Highschool Cosmetology Program

Specializes in: Haircolor, Women's Haircutting, Men's Haircutting / Fades , Braids, Updo's, Professional Make up, Permanent make up, Waxing, Lashes.

What inspired me: Everyone ask's me, " Did you knew that doing hair was going to be your career?" and i surely respond "Yes!" because i remember at a very young age all of my doll's would have different Haircuts and styles and i would flat iron their hair but it would always end up melting the doll's hair (hahaha) and then in Highschool i entered the Cosmetology program but What made me SURE about wanting this sooo Bad was also the negativity people had towards me, telling me "You Can't do it!",  ALL of THAT was my MOTIVATION to keep going and Finish Strong! there's going to be obstacles in your life but its about How you are going to over come them.

so the question is who inspired me!? Well let's say that my Family because they are an example of being Persistent and no matter what you do, You Do Your BEST at it. 

and now i have the Honor to be working here at Yves hair studio and i LOVE my Job.

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Snapchat: ayyeee_itsyari

YouTube: Yariela Lucero

WhatsApp: 832-915-6004

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