Perms, Relaxers and Smoothing Treatments

  • Perm/Spiral Perms– you first get a relaxing shampoo. Your hair is then wrapped  in the desired curl pattern and curl size you desire. You are processed and rinsed out. This is a chemical service and your hair must be very healthy to go through this process. After this service you cannot wash or shampoo your hair for 48 hours.
  • Relaxer– We use Design Essential Relaxer products. Your Scalp is based with a protector and  This will straighten and relax your curl permanently. You have to have very healthy hair to do this service. You may not Highlight your hair or have had any previous highlights. You cannot color your hair with permanent color for two weeks. This will leave your hair straighter and more manageable.
  • Smoothing Treatments– this does not completely straighten your hair. If you like your curls but want less frizz and less volume this is for you.

Please call for a consultation on these services.

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